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(W) Kat Zhang (A) Debbie Oak
Saving the world is a big job-especially for a kid. Aang has the makings of hero: he's brave, kind, and peaceful. But when he learns he's the next Avatar, responsible for mastering all four elements and destined to save the world, the pressure makes him doubt himself. Aang has a lot to learn and little time to do it. Thankfully, he has friends like Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Appa by his side. They teach him to bend elements and be confident, and in turn, he inspires them to be their best selves. It's Aang's heart-the heart of a hero-that just might help him save the world. Lyrical text from Kat Zhang, author of the acclaimed Amy Wu picture book series, and breathtaking art bring to life the most exciting and inspiring moments along Aang's path from a boy hidden in the ice to a powerful Avatar.


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