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Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Howard Porter, Caspar Wijngaard, Stefano Nesi, Trevor Hairsine, Chris Bachalo, and others The death of a longtime enemy at the Hall of Justice leads to terrifying events across the DC Universe! Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman--along with reluctant hero Deadman--take on villainous new foe Insomnia and his Sleepless Knights as the world is engulfed in horror! Who will survive as our heroes venture past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and into a realm of nightmares? Collects KNIGHT TERRORS #1-4, KNIGHT TERRORS: FIRST BLOOD #1, KNIGHT TERRORS: NIGHT'S END #1, and a story from the DAWN OF DC KNIGHT TERRORS 2023 FCBD SPECIAL EDITION.


  • Little Shop Of Heroes are happy to refund unwanted items on presentation of a valid receipt provided they are returned within 30 days and in pristine condition. The purchaser must pay for the safe return of the goods. Monies will be refunded on receipt of the goods. 

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