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Written by Joshua Williamson, Leah Williams, Jeremy Adams, Alex Paknadel, Josie Campbell, and others Art by Tom Reilly, Vasco Georgiev, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Daniel Bayliss, Juan Ferreyra, and others As dread roils the universe, DC's most powerful heroes navigate the terror of the Nightmare Realm in these fearful fables! Power Girl searches for a tangible foe in her dream state while Superman and Supergirl are horrified by a hideously transformed Cyborg Superman, who is devouring the Super-Family! Meanwhile, the Justice League Dark find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of horror, as Wonder Woman grapples with her deepest fears and insecurities! Also, see how Green Lantern, the Flash, Queen Nubia, and Sinestro resist the nefarious threat invading their dreams. Dare to peek inside the subconscious minds of the World's Greatest Heroes! Collects KNIGHT TERRORS: ACTION COMICS #1-2, KNIGHT TERRORS: GREEN LANTERN #1-2, KNIGHT TERRORS: SUPERMAN #1-2, KNIGHT TERRORS: THE FLASH #1-2, and KNIGHT TERRORS: WONDER WOMAN #1-2.



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