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(W) Anthony Zuiker, Suneel Ram (A) Fantoons
Suneel Ram, born with the degenerative disease called Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, found the strength and inspiration he needed from that eagle. Suneel too longed to soar against the wind and show the world the strength hidden within his fragile body. Suneel's childhood and teen years were marred by broken bones and extreme muscle weakness. Confined to a motorized wheelchair, he was stuck on the sidelines as his peers ran and played. Even just writing was agony, and he relied on his aide to help him with just about everything. But the pain from his disease was nothing compared to the pain of loneliness. He longed to rise up from his wheelchair and tell the world about who he really was, beyond his disease. He needed to find his voice. He got that chance in college. After a professor gave an inept description of DMD to the biology class, Suneel was determined to tell the class the truth about living with DMD. He composed a speech and courageously addressed the class. That day he spoke with strength and his audience was mesmerized. He had found his voice. Now he would take back his life.


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