(W) Joe Matt (A) Joe Matt

by Joe Matt
Meet the original anti-hero, Joe Matt: a master of a domain that includes over twenty-three self-edited eight-hour-long videotapes of bootlegged pornography; a penny-pincher who never fails to make a dime off his friends; a chronic masturbator who doesn't understand why he never has a girlfriend; an obsessive collector frantically searching for the toys of his childhood; a callous son who throws out every gift his adoring mother gives him; a man so lazy that he urinates in a bottle rather than walk to the bathroom. Spent is Joe Matt's first new trade hardcover in years, and it collects in a re-edited and re-colored form his best storyline from the past 4 issues of Peepshow. Also offered here are other Joe Matt classics, Fair Weather and The Poor Bastard.


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