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Home of Dunfermline's first Comic Convention. Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Pittencreiff Park in the heart of historic Dunfermline. A selection of the finest comic book creators in the industry. Vendors. Panels. Workshops. Attractions. Cosplay.

Dunfermline Comic Con Poster 2019.jpg


Dunfermline Comic Con 2019 returned with a slightly later date and with a wider lineup than ever before. Guests from Canada, America, Europe, Ireland and the UK. The 2019 poster was created by New Zealand illustrator and multi-Eisner award winner K. O'Neill.


Scottish artist Neil Slorance attended Primary 7 classes throughout Dunfermline as part of our LSOH Books For Schools Initiative, the week prior to Dunfermline Comic Con. Inspiring creativity with Comic Creating Workshops.


Dunfermline Comic Con was proud to host Ian Kennedy and DC Thomson for the launch of "The Art of Ian Kennedy" a book celebrating his astounding 70 Years in comics.


Comic Guests included: Alex Paknadel, Alison Sampson, Amy Tucker, BHP, Brenden Fletcher, Declan Shalvey, Dee Cunniffe, Gary Erskine, Hari Conner, James McCulloch, James Tynion IV, John Lees, Magdalene Visaggio, Max Sarin, Ram V, Ryan North, Sarah Graley and Triona Farrell.


Plus Comic Guest/this year's Cosplay Competition judge Rebecca Nalty (and our biggest ever parade with almost 150 taking part!)


This year saw our first workshops running on the day too. Book pitches, create your own character/comic workshops and learning origami were all a great success!


Of course, our Space Zone was new too, with an opportunity for all to get a photo in a replica X-Wing, or build your own rocket next to the Lunar Lander.

SML DCC2018PrintA3Logo.jpg


Truly into the swing of things we were excited to host the third year of Dunfermline Comic Con. Even bigger than ever before with an extension to the previous year's marquee making it 50 metres, and with guests from the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US. It was set to be a storm.

Comic Guests included: Alison Sampson, Antony Johnston, Brittney Williams, Cecil Castellucci, Dave McKean, David Lloyd, John Wagner, Jordie Bellaire, Leslie Hung, Nina Vakueva, Peter Milligan and Rebecca Nalty.

However, what occurred was not the storm we were hoping for. The "Beast From The East" catastrophically hit the week of Dunfermline Comic Con, and with the UK and Ireland coming to a standstill, the event was forced to be cancelled.

To say we were devastated emotionally and financially would not be an overstatement. The outpouring of support we received from volunteers, ticket holders, vendors, guests and the comic community from this freak weather and cancellation was utterly overwhelming and humbling.

For everyone who donated/auctioned off artwork/spread the word in any way to help us, you have our eternal thanks.



After the huge success of the first Dunfermline Comic Con, we just had to do it all over again! But this time, BIGGER. Demand for tickets was high, so we took a leap of faith and added a giant 30 metre marquee across from the Pavilion.


Year two saw more attendees than we could have possibly imagined with 4,500 people through the doors.


After a year of chatting to comic creators throughout the community, this time we went International with guests from not only around the UK but the US too!


Comic Guests included: Alan Grant, Molly Knox Ostertag, Noelle Stevenson, Al Ewing, Caspar Wijngaard, Dan Watters, Emi Lenox, John Allison, Marc Ellerby, Ollie Masters and Sarah Graley.


As a special thanks this year, the first 300 attendees received part #1 of Alan Grant's "Rok of The Reds" free of charge, courtesy of publisher BHP.


This year's attraction was an awesome replica of the Star Wars Land Speeder with Droids. Plus the ever amazing TARDIS and Doctor Who.



The very first Dunfermline Comic Con. Our endless thanks to those who believed in us from the very beginning. Who put their faith in this new event.


The original plan after hosting local comic creators at Little Shop Of Heroes was to do that on a slightly larger scale. Perhaps hire a function suite to host a zine fair or comic mart. However, it was quickly decided that if we were going to host an event, it would have to be big.


The very first DCC held in the Glen Pavilion sold out all 2,500 tickets before the day.

A world exclusive Doctor Who cover was commissioned especially for Dunfermline Comic Con, with cover art by Scottish creator Neil Slorance.


Comic Guests included: Alex Paknadel, Claire Roe, Colin Bell, Colin MacNeil, Colin Maxwell, Ian Kennedy, Jamie Delano, Yishan Li, John Ferguson, Mike Collins, Monty Nero, Neil Slorance and Simon Spurrier.


Plus our cosplay competition guest judge, Sarah Chrisp.


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