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Tobias Taitt is second-generation Windrush, brought to the UK by a mother hoping for a better life – and not finding it. Falling into a life of (sometimes violent) crime from the age of 15, Tobias was moved from prison to prison until he was able to stay out of trouble long enough start to put his life together. But hard times can build character, and an unexpected clarity and intelligence of narrative, Tobias tells his story simply and adroitly.

Tobias Taitt was raised as a child of the state in the 70s and 80s. After leaving institutions at the age of 15 he fell into a life of crime, pimping, violence for hire, and dealing in ecstasy and crack cocaine when these drugs arrived in the UK. He was arrested and spent several years at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in some of Britain toughest prisons. He’s passionate about boxing and recording modern UK history, specifically the untold lives of its citizens. He believes their stories should be recorded for future generations, just as he has done with his own.

Anthony Smith began his career as a cartoonist, working for Marvel UK, Knockabout and a host of other publishers before moving into advertising as a Creative. His first role was at J. Walter Thompson where he created numerous high profile TV and press campaigns. He went on to work for various other ad agencies before turning his attention back to cartooning and illustration. He has since had regular daily cartoons in the Metro newspaper and been syndicated worldwide through GoComics. He also became a regular contributor to the Oldie, Spectator and Private Eye, where his ‘Logos as they should be’ appear regularly. He now works on a wide variety of projects and is able to combine his understanding of advertising and graphics with a variety of illustration


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