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(W) Cabral Ciruelo (A/CA) Cabral Ciruelo
Kume is a Mapuk child who loves to spend his days drawing dragons. His sister, Yssala, loves to sing and dreams of communicating with fairies. When peace throughout the valley no longer reigns, they must venture into the mountains to help a sorceress thwart forthcoming catastrophes. Dragons, fairies, wizards, Amazonian warriors, and other inhabitants of the Andekhan Mountains partake in this most daring and grueling quest. The ancestral wisdom of these people comes back to life and enlightens them to unearth the hidden power of art.
"I've been working on this book for two years, solid. It targets youngsters and is about art, ecology, fairies, and dragons in an adventurous manner. It also concerns the magic of the ancient cultures throughout the American continent." (Ciruelo)


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